The United States Coast Guard for more than two centuries has been a valiant partner to ensure the safe and efficient shipment of more than $5.4 trillion of commerce by our nation’s waterways.

Admiral Paul F. Zukunft is a former Coast Guard Commandant, among a rich history of his predecessors, who has demonstrated strong support for the U.S. Jones Act and the greater American maritime industry – understanding its vital importance in strengthening our national security.

“[Without the Jones Act,] all of our coastwise trade will probably be done by a third nation, namely China, [and] not just coastwise trade, but plying our inland river systems as well… The next thing that goes away is the [U.S. and state] maritime academies. You don’t need them because we have foreign mariners. We don’t know who they are, but they are foreign mariners plying our waters and our internal waters as well to conduct maritime commerce. Then the next thing that goes is our shipyards and the technology that goes with the shipyards.”

Admiral Paul F. Zukunft former Coast Guard Commandant

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