George Walters Pearl Harbor Hero
George Walters, a representative of civilian maritime workforce who contributed to the Pearl Harbor Day response.

On the 78th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, we recognize George Walters, one of the many civilian mariners that didn’t think twice and took heroic actions that risked his own life to defend U.S. maritime assets – such as the USS Pennsylvania – and fought back against the Japanese air raid. When the yard came under fire, Walters moved his 50-foot-high crane back and forth to shield the USS Pennsylvania and signal to gunners incoming aircraft attacks. His actions helped save the vessel from destruction.

Heroic actions from sailors and mariners of this greatest generation are representative of the ongoing role that the men and women of the domestic maritime industry play in helping to bolster our nation’s security. WIthout a robust shipbuilding capacity and merchant marine, America would have to rely on foreign countries to build and man the vessels that support our military. Without the Jones Act, America would cede her defense capacity to other nations, and, with it, the sovereignty of the nation.

George Walters Civilian Maritime Worker Pearl Harbor Day

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