The American Mariner 100 years

We honor the Americans for which the Act is aptly named — the U.S. Merchant Mariners ­— and recognize the service of those who have served in support of our nation over the past Century during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, two Gulf wars, and other major conflicts. The U.S. Merchant Mariners who serve today — including Navy and Coast Guard mariners — carry forward the tradition of the generations of mariners who faced unimaginable and often thankless circumstances to help position our military forces for success. In 2020, with COVID-19 as our enemy, they selflessly continued to serve, delivering food and supplies that are essential to every American right here at home. We must continue to support this critical civilian force, in both times of peace and conflict, and never forget those who laid down their lives for our freedom. American mariners truly are American Maritime Heroes.

The American Mariner

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